Word of advice…

Just a little late night inspiration from a guy that has something to say.

“Keep on giving back to the world never stop, you never know when the world might decide to give back to you. ” – andre

It might seem to be a pointless notion and you might see it as being utterly stupid. I just felt the need to share this little quote of mine. I have been through quite allot the past couple of months and this year started off really rough. Though it might seem pointless, i kept giving more and more of myself to the world. May that be my time, effort, money or just my thoughts, i haven’t stopped giving. It might not make the biggest changes, but it touches the people around me. This i have seen, it is a thank you from the universe, a give back, if you will.

My point is that though you go through life wondering if you make a change to the world. The answer is simple, just give a little of yourself. Be selfless for a little while, and make a donation to a cause.

You can never be to sure that someone will notice your efforts. That’s just a chance all of us must be willing to take. The gift of being selfless. 

This post might not make any sense, but as long as you consider the meaning, it makes it worth posting.


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